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UniPrint™ Server provides an easy to install and use, cost-effective, and most of all, reliable printing solution for Server-based Computing (SbC) environments. Supporting fat-client printing, the software-based solution features a single Portable Document Format (PDF)-based universal printer driver to simplify printer management, solve bandwidth issues and enhance network printing.

Enhancing the Printing Functionality in SbC Environments
Citrix/Terminal Server environments allow organizations to have excellent central management and application distribution to the workforce. UniPrint Server enhances the printing functionality in SbC environments, making printing both fast and reliable. With a single universal printer driver, administrators need only to install one printer driver on the Citrix/Terminal Server, regardless of printer make or model. Printing in the office, to your home or remote site is seamless to the user. No more printing headaches!

Ease of Administration
Managing printer drivers in environments can be a challenging task for IT departments. UniPrint Sever is designed to function in any environment, and allows users to print to any printer. UniPrint Server is also highly scalable. New users from any location can be easily added to the network by simply installing the UniPrint Client on the new client device, which can be deployed through Active Directory.

Improving Server Stability
UniPrint Server is specifically designed for multiple-user environments. One universal printer driver replaces all manufacturer printer drivers on the terminal Server. Printer driver incompatibility is solved, virtually eliminating server instability issues routinely found when printing in SbC environments.

Optimizing Bandwidth Availability
Large print formats – such as PCL, PostScript and others - sent across limited bandwidth connections often slow down the print process, and can bring application access to a halt. With UniPrint Server, print data are compressed by over 90% into PDF-based print jobs. Not only is the print job size significantly reduced, but now users have the added benefits of previewing, e-mailing or archiving the print document in PDF format.

Integrated Product Suite
UniPrint offers a fully-integrated product suite of printing solutions to support all server platforms, operating systems and client platforms. For enterprise-level organizations with complex environments, other UniPrint components can be added to UniPrint Server, allowing for an enterprise-wide printing solution based on a single printer driver.

Key Benefits & Features
  • Supports fat clients connecting to Citrix/Terminal Server from local or remote locations
  • Enables easy access, fast and reliable printing
  • Solves all printer driver incompatibility issues with one universal printer driver
  • Simplifies printer management
  • Enhances server stability
  • Converts print data to PDF files for previewing, e-mailing as an attachment, archiving and printing
  • PDF conversion saves up to 90% bandwidth consumption
  • Easy to install and use, requiring no special training
  • Integrated product suite to allow for the addition of other UniPrint components to build an enterprise-wide printing solution based on a single printer driver

Product literature (PDF)

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